Altieri Trading is a representative agency in the sector of women and men’s clothing since 1996. The founders Gianluca and Diego Altieri started their work at young age in the historical agency of their father Gaetano Altieri, who in the 60s represented the best textile company of the Italian market. The “Barone” with his creativity, resourcefulness and charisma innovates the world of representation, he handled all sector of textile, from underwear to lingerie, from prêt-à-porter to woman beachwear, from knitwear to man tailoring, as conductor with his musicians. The Altieri Brothers with passion, method and innovation continue the work of the father, they are increasing number and quality of the brands,which are distribuited not only in Campania but in all of the South of Italy. The strength of Altieri Trading is the multiannual experience with constant updating of the new trends about fashion and handling quality brand. The professionalism of agency’s staff offer a high service for the companies represented, which are carefully selected on the basis of professionalism and seriousness that these companies will ensure to customers. The work in concert with the other enterprises allow Altieri Trading to guarantee a commercial planning to strengthen the results according to selective and strategic distribution of represented Brands. Altieri Trading in many years of work have achieved a consulting place for the companies represented, together they respond to a market demand that is getting more and more demanding, while monitoring directly the point of sale. Altieri Trading, moreover, provide for the retailer a marketing consulting, buying consulting and data analysis of sell out and customers service. Altieri Trading also uses control tools to monitor its customers seasonally thus creating a network of stable and reliable stores. The constant achievement of the objectives set by Altieri Trading is made possible thanks to a vision of work that is based on concreteness, credibility and reliability, as well as on a deep respect for personal relationships. The latter has always been the main value of the Altieri family.